Call a Generator Installation Service in Louisa, VA to Prep Your Generator for Winter!

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Winter is just around the corner, and there are a lot of tasks homeowners need to complete to ensure their home and possessions are fully prepared for the cold weather. If you own a generator, for example, you need to ensure you have taken the necessary steps to get it ready for stressful conditions.

Having your generator prepped for winter is extremely important. A power failure in cold weather brings along the possibility of frozen pipes, which could lead to burst pipes and flooding. This would become especially catastrophic if the incident happens while no one is home.

However, subfreezing temperatures make starting and running a generator a bit more difficult, which makes preparation particularly important. Being prepared can also help you avoid the need for emergency generator repair service in Louisa, VA. Here are a few tasks you can take to make sure you are ready for winter:

  • Clear the area: As you clear your yard of leaves and debris, make sure you also remove all the leaves and dead grass that surround your generator. All of the vents should be completely clear of grass, leaves and anything else the wind might have blown up against it. By keeping the area clear you also ensure better airflow, which prevents the generator from overheating.
  • Stock up on supplies: When the power goes out and the temperature is below freezing, you don’t want to have to make a trip to the hardware store to get what you need to fix the problem. Have plenty of maintenance supplies and oil on hand so you can keep the unit running for a few weeks if necessary.
  • Perform routine maintenance ahead of time: Perform routine maintenance now, long before the winter weather sets in. Again, this is a step you won’t want to have to take when the cold weather arrives.
  • Keep a path clear: When you get snowfall, make sure to shovel a path to the generator and keep the surrounding area free of snow and ice. Brush snow off the cover and keep all the vents clear.
  • Consider a cold weather kit: Cold weather kits can help your engine to get started in cold weather by keeping all of the parts, including the battery, warm. This kit could include battery heaters, oil heaters, alternator dryers, air breather dryers and more.
  • Winterize for storage: If you have a portable generator you plan to store during the winter months, different tasks are necessary to ensure its safe storage. Drain all the fuel and drain or replace oil as needed. Lubricating the piston rings and cylinder bore can also help to prevent rust or other issues from setting in during the winter. Clean all surfaces and leave all vents and openings unobstructed. If at all possible, the unit should be stored indoors and covered to keep away dust and dirt.

For more information about the various steps you should take to prepare your generator for the winter months, contact a trusted generator installation service in Louisa, VA today.

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