How to Pick the Right Size Generator for Home Generator Installation in Louisa, VA

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Are you considering generator installation in Louisa, VA? This can be a significant investment, so it’s important to choose the best option for your setting and needs. What should you consider?

This isn’t an everyday purchase for most property owners, so many are unfamiliar with what questions to ask and what factors are involved in picking the best unit. Use the following tips to make the best choice:

  • Decide what type: Generators are available in two types. Portable generators are on wheels, and you use them by connecting the generator to what you want to power. They are more economical; however, you also have to pay for fuel to run them. Stationary or standby generators involve permanent generator installation in Louisa, VA. This is more expensive; however, this type of generator starts automatically when the power cuts off and offers alerts when it needs to be serviced.
  • Decide what wattage: How much power do you need? Add up the wattages of everything you want your generator to power. Don’t forget to use the amount required to start your appliances, which is often higher than the wattage they use while running. To ensure you provide enough power, consult with an electrician in Louisa, VA. Also, be sure to add wiggle room for anything you want to add later.
  • Decide what size: Once you have an idea of the wattage you’ll need to power your property, you can decide which size generator you need. Small generators (3,000-4,000 watts) can power the basics, such as the sump pump, lights, refrigerator, microwave and TV. With a mid-sized portable generator (5,000-8,500 watts), you can add a few more items to this list, including a computer, portable heater, heating system and additional lighting. Large generators (10,000 watts) can power all of these items plus a central air conditioner, electric range and small water heater.
  • Decide what switch: If you are investing in generator installation in Louisa, VA, consider spending the additional funds to install a transfer switch. This makes portable generator connections easier. It offers additional convenience and safety for transferring power into your home. It also provides protection for utility workers.
  • Decide what service: As you weigh your options for generator installation in Louisa, VA, you must also decide whom to call for assistance. It’s important to use an electrician you can trust. You want superior service and a product that will last. Contact licensed professionals who are established in the industry. Look for experienced professionals who can answer all your questions about generator installation in Louisa, VA.

Choosing a unit for home generator installation in Louisa, VA does not have to be difficult or stressful. Simply contact the expert team at Diamond Electric. We will answer all your questions and help you determine the best solution for your setting. Our generator specialists offer in-depth knowledge to ensure your choice is optimal for your needs. Contact us today to schedule a professional consultation. We look forward to making your generator installation in Louisa, VA simple and smooth.

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