Seven Things to Consider When Making the Switch to LED Lighting

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Are you considering making the switch? Converting old-school lighting to modern LEDs offers many advantages. As your trusted residential electrician in Louisa, VA, Diamond Electric offers the following tips:

  • Look for long-term savings: If you’re looking for savings this week as you buy replacement bulbs, you won’t find it among LEDs. These bulbs are more expensive than traditional incandescent bulbs. Where you’ll see your savings is on your electric bill over the long run. LED bulbs use less energy, reducing your utility bill for long-term savings.
  • Consider color range: Do you want soft, yellow light or bright, white light? LED bulbs even come in red, purple and a variety of other colors. The most popular colors are warm white, soft white and bright white. If you want a typical incandescent, warm, yellowish color, ask your electrician in Louisa, VA for LED bulbs with a color range between 2,700 and 3,500 kelvins.
  • Not all fixtures can handle LED bulbs: Do you have any fixtures with enclosed housing? These are LED killers. LED bulbs contain a heat sink at their base. These require a way to dissipate the heat generated by the bulb. Usually, the heat escapes into the air, keeping the LED cool. If it is in an enclosed fixture, the heat can’t escape and burns out the bulb. Consider where you will be placing LEDs. You may need to use bulbs that are approved for enclosed fixtures.
  • Not all LEDs are dimmer-friendly: LED bulbs work differently than incandescent bulbs. Their design often makes them incompatible with traditional dimmer switches. When used, the bulbs may flicker, hum or buzz if connected to a dimmer. To use LEDs with dimmer switches, you must find bulbs compatible with traditional dimmers or replace your dimmer with an LED-compatible one.
  • Learn to live with lumens: When you switch to LED bulbs, you can throw out your knowledge of wattage along with your incandescent bulbs. Your lights are all about lumens now. Lumens are the measurement of brightness provided by a bulb. Watts, on the other hand, measure how much energy the bulb draws. Incandescent bulbs draw up to five times as many watts for the same number of lumens as an LED.
  • Thermal management: Everyone knows not to touch an incandescent bulb that’s been on for more than 10 seconds. You’ll suffer sore fingers from the incredible heat these bulbs produce. LEDs offer better thermal management, meaning they don’t get as hot. This offers a safety advantage as well as financial benefits, since it won’t heat your space when you’re trying to keep things cool.
  • Energy efficiency: As more and more home and business owners go green, LEDs offer a good option for greater energy efficiency. Their design allows them to pull significantly less energy to generate just as much light, if not more. When your residential electrician in Louisa, VA performs this upgrade, LED bulbs can help you save on your electric bill and promote environmentally friendly practices.

If you’re ready to make the switch to LED lighting, an electrician in Louisa, VA at Diamond Electric can help. Contact us today with any questions about LED service or to schedule an appointment!

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